Workshops II

In Workshop Session II on 21 November, you can choose one of three workshops for hands-on inspiration on how museums can take action for the climate and a sustainable future.

Please note that the workshops run in parallel and that pre-registration is required. Kindly be advised that you also need to be registered to the main conference programme. Get in touch with if you have any questions.

The NEMO European Museum Conference 2023 offers workshop opportunities on Monday 20 November and on Tuesday 21 November. Below follows information about the workshops on Tuesday 21 November organised by NEMO's Working Groups.

1. Fighting climate change through art education

Workshop participants will explore the Guide to Sustainable Development produced by the Finnish Children's Culture Centers Network. The Guide highlights the potential of cultural education in the fight against climate change, and the power of art in addressing challenging issues. The workshop will also harness the creativity of participants and create an expressive community artwork to stimulate the thoughts of conference attendees. In the workshop, we adhere to the principles of a safer space, and everyone is welcome to join just as they are. 

2. GreenICT – Sustainable use of digital offers

Information and communication technologies (ICT) shape our everyday lives. We use ICT to communicate and store information. This includes both devices (e.g., cell phones, computers) and programs (e.g., apps). Museums also draw on complex ICT infrastructures which generates large amounts of energy and thus CO2. In the workshop, we ask how much digitization does the museum actually need? How can digital offers be made more sustainable? With a hands-on workshop we would like to develop ideas and solutions together that participants can take home and easily implement.

3. Amplifying democracy: Museums as catalysts for fostering dialogue

In our rapidly changing society, many individuals and communities feel unheard and democratic systems appear inadequate in representing their interests. Trust is a cornerstone of building a new society, and museums offer crucial spaces for fostering dialogue, democratic engagement, and collaborative actions. 

The SAC! Workshop at NEMO's Annual Conference will delve into the role of museums in amplifying these under-represented voices in a democratic and equitable way. Through a co-creative workshop uniting heritage professionals, activist organisations, and NGOs, we will define objectives and underscore museums' proactive role in driving societal change and the sustainable transformation. The workshop will feature guest facilitators leading hands-on activities based on fictional or historical scenarios, aiming to yield tangible outcomes. Participants will participate in developing a methodology for organising people’s assemblies in collaboration with local stakeholders.