The visual way: The MOI Board

In addition to the classic way of using MOI workbooks, you can utilise the MOI board for the evaluation process. The board is a printable A1-sized canvas with two axes, one for the Scale (Evaluation) and one for Priority, which you can use to visually display your evaluation results for further discussion. The MOI board can be printed from this page, or a simple version can be made at the museum. The board can also be used in digital format.

When using the MOI Framework in this way, the workbooks are used only by the facilitator to present the module, its subtopics and statements. The participants go through the statements one by one, as in the classic evaluation, and decide on the scaling. However, they should also discuss and decide on the priority of the statement. After this, they place sticky notes with the statements written out on the board depending on the scale value (vertical axis) and their priority (horizontal axis) or importance against the organisation’s impact goals.

The workbooks themselves and the Board will also provide you with guidance on how to use them. Detailed guidance can be found in the Guidelines for facilitators document.

On this webpage you will find the English version of the MOI Framework, but all material is also translated into Eesti (Estonian), Deutsch (German), Italiano (Italian) and Suomi (Finnish).

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