The creative way: Cards

MOI playing cards are a supplementary tool of the MOI Framework. The cards allow museum to use the framework in creative ways. The main purpose of the cards is to facilitate discussion about the impact in your organisation.

Below are suggestions on how to use the cards, but the museum can also come up with own innovative ways of using the cards. Be creative, see the cards as a playful way to enable development.

  • Pick a few cards for an inspirational card game during your team’s plenary meetings, where people from different departments or functions come into contact. You can choose the cards from a specific module or a subtopic if you wish. Use the MOI statements as an inspirational tool for the staff to discuss a topic together.
  • Use the cards to invigorate your morning coffee breaks. Whenever you want to generate an interesting discussion on your museum's strategy and actions, pick one MOI card and offer it to your fellow museum workers. Make notes if you wish for later or just collect the best ideas for future planning.
  • Bolster team building. You can organise periodic 'strategic brainstorming sessions' to be held in-person or online, and use the deck of cards as a tool for facilitating these moments of participation and confrontation among the team.
  • MOI cards can boost your yearly planning. When planning next year's actions for your museum, you can boost your brainstorming with MOI cards. For example, if your museum's collections management department wants to develop connections to local communities, you can use the cards from the ‘Communities and shared heritage’ module to inspire ways to do this.

On this webpage you will find the English version of the MOI Framework, but all material is also translated into Eesti (Estonian), Deutsch (German), Italiano (Italian) and Suomi (Finnish).

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